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USA: Separator Units For Operation At Client's Facilities
Separator Test Assembly Construction

Vietnam: Technical Standards at Can Tho, Vietnam, Fish Water and Wastes Technologies
Aquaculture Can Tho Vietnam

USA: Bio Processing Pilot Unit Developed For Fermentation and Digestion, Pure and Mixed Cultures
100 Gallon Fermenter Digester Pilot Unit

Vietnam: Sample Collection Vietnamese Fish Farm
Sample Collection Vietnamese Fish Farm

Vietnam: Aquaculture Testing Facility
Aquaculture Testing Facility Vietnam

Indonesia: Gas System Technology Transfer Indonesia
Aquaculture Can Tho Vietnam

South Korea: Conducting Technology Transfer Program for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Distribution
Liquefied Natural Gas Distribution Korea

Brazilian Client: Digesters Designed for use by Client
Laboratory Scale Digesters

Brazilian Client: Digester Gas Collection System Designed for use by Client
Digester Gas Collector

Indonesia: Conceived, Designed Gas System Demonstration Units
GDU Overview Indonesia
GDU Overview Modules Indonesia
GDU Compressor Modules Separator Overview

USA: Gas Sensor Prototype
Gas Sensor Prototype

USA: High Temperature Test Unit For Use At Client's Facilities
High Temperature  Mechanical Test Cell
High Temperature Test Cell

USA: Odorization Prototype for Natural Gas Distribution
Odorizer Prototype For Natural Gas Systems

USA: Laboratory Separator Unit
Laboratory Cross Flow Separator Test Cell

USA: Laboratory Separator Materials Test Cell
Separator Test Cell

Canada: Portable Pilot Unit In Client's Gas Plant Facilities
Portable Pilot Unit for Gas Processing