Enertrex Corporation

Energy - Environment - Technology Transfer

Contract Provider of Research & Development Test & Research Facilities and Technology Training

Technology Areas

Areas of Experience

o Conversion of sludge and solid wastes to gas with parasite-free and pathogen-free byproducts
o Aquaculture with emphasis on growth environment, parasites, and water quality
o Conversion of various plant and animal byproducts to fuels with parasite purging
o Technology transfer of Biogas (gas produced from combined sewage and municipal solid wastes) process technology including pre-processing, size reduction, transfer, blending, digestion, and product cleanup
o Single and multi-phase digestion to enhance energy production and eliminate parasites
o Development of hardware/software systems for targeted applications
o Ancillary thermo-chemical conversions of bio-products to fuel components
o Impacts of bio-fuels on end use combustion, e.g. engine emissions characteristics
o Design of specialized digestion and fermentation test and pilot scale systems
o Ancillary separations technology for produced gases and liquids
o High temperature / high pressure process development systems
o Process development pilot plant systems
o Prototype development, advanced technologies- nanoparticle systems
o Water and air treatment and analysis for mineral and parasite control
o Development of high temperature units for thermal stress testing